Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some people just won't listen to the truth, even if it is based on sound reasoning and common sense

I've been having a little chat with ed hollet over at Bondpapers about our local version of politics and how it ties in with all this 'foolish thought' on the american dream of creating the worlds greatest empire. Well, I've been trying to carry on a sensible convo anyway, ed seems set on calling it all a conspiracy. He obviously has never lived with people who have been directly affected by us military interventions in their countries affairs, he would be a bit more sympathetic towards the whole "america the evil empire" thought pattern if he had methinks.

I can just hear him when starts screaming in frustration at my expelling of the truth "what's your problem hippy??!! you got a better idea??!! what are we gonna do, let a bunch of peasants decide who lives and who dies?? what do you want stalin, hitler, mao ruling over you?? shut-up hippy. like it or not, its the best we got". and me in reply...'if that's the best we got, i am absolutely sure given the time and resources the current system is absorbing and spitting out we could come up with something better than this thing you guys have dreamed up".

the fact is that unbridled capitalism is literally killing and choking the planet we all need to live and enjoy life. and not just the hippies and the peasants, but the suit guys'n'gals and their grandchildren too. not to mention the other plants and animals that combine to make this earth a place worthwhile preserving and mainataining in as healthy a state as possible. why would we we knowingly extinguish the means of our survival? has our ego and greed led us to believe we are more powerful than the earth itself? surely not? if so, that false idea needs to be corrected in the textbooks asap. we simply cannot continue along this path we are currently barreling down and expect to come out into some cherry mechanical utopian future where everything is a slave to our ego.

I gotta say also, after reading his comments on the facts of the matter... Boy! Some people just won't listen to reason. I personally think old eddy is just putting on a show and not so subtly trying to encourage me to openly express my 'radical-perspective' on the whole matter due to some type of affiliation or future job prospects he might have on the go. Could it be? Would it be? Naw, probably just another suit guy with an overinflated ego analyzing facts and numbers trying to find some sense of order and tidiness in the mess of a crumbling global financial empire swamping from its overinflated sense of self. Must be, he couldn't be that smart...

Update. Ed decided to delete my eloquent lettering as soon as i replied to his challenge to remove me if i continued with the most sensible line of questions presented on his page in a dogs age. funny little man, but then again what can you expect from a dude who wears a suit and necktie to work day after day. that's gotta get to ya after a while.

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